Romperayo sounds like a fast moving musical journey through Colombian tropical folklore, a mischievous and modern interpretation of the psychedelic sounds of 70s cumbia and other tropical rhythms. Expect musical fireworks that don’t only move your hips and feet, but also direct your brain into a blissful mood.

Romperayo is part of the new Colombian music scene that re-interprets their roots in a fascinating way, combining both traditional rhythms and modern electronics. It’s bordering on utter weirdness, but at the same time very danceable and full of musical humor too.

Other bands from this scene are a.o. Meridian Brothers, Frente Cumbiero and Los Pirañas. Pedro Ojeda, drummer of Romperayo, happens to be the drummer from Los Pirañas too. Well, that must give you an idea what kind of music Romperayo will perform on stage.

Line upPedro Ojeda (drums, percussion), Juan Manuel Toro (sampler, keys), Jhon Socha (bass), Guillo Cros (electric guitar).